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Welcome to Vendredi Chea's Portfolio Site

I'm a recent graduate of The Art Insitute of Philadelphia for Media Arts and Animation with a focus on 3D modeling and animation. This website will give you an insight of my work.

If you have any question, comment, or is interested about my work feel free to contact me here

Design updated 9.30.10

Updated with some new work

Resume updated 9.24.08

Updated my resume

Links, new work, and WIP updated 9.17.08

Wow it's been exactly one year since I updated. Added more links of other artist. Updated the 3d section with my latest work Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Front and Back. I still need to update my resume and add some more links. Here is a work in progress of a transformer I'm making from the Evo X.

Small Update updated 9.17.07

Just updated the little info above, I am now a graduate of the Art Insitute of Philadelphia. Also added some more links.

Demo Reel Update updated 9.12.07

Updated my Demo Reel again check it out to your right. Also added a new link Aaron Myerly check his website out.

2 More Animation and Some 3D updated 8.26.07

Added 2 more animation I've just completed, and a couple of 3D images, some new some old. But check out Kenjo vs Eclipsinator animation and Gigantosaurus 3D Visualization. I still need to make some changes to my demo reel so expect an update later this week. Oh and updated my resume.

2007 Demo Reel Up updated 8.26.07

Uploaded the new 2007 demo reel, check it out to the right.

New Server, WIP Demo Reel, Resume updated 7.23.07

Just bought a new server and moved everything to it, also bought a domain name v-chea.com. I uploaded my WIP demo reel which can be viewed to your right, added links to the right also, and updated my resume. More updates to come.

Updated 3D and Animation updated 7.01.07

Updated the 3D and Animation section with more recent works, I counldn't put everything up because the schools server only allow 50mb of space and I used it all, so I'll put more work up when I move to a new server.

Resume updated 6.27.07

Updated the resume section. Added a downloadable pdf or word doc of my resume. I still need to put my recent works up most of the stuff here are old works.

Website Up and Running updated 6.21.07

Finally got my new site up after about 3 years not updating my old site. There's still some links and stuff I still need to put up and check, and I still need to put some of my new works up, most of the stuff here are old works. My demo reel isn't finish yet, so the button to your right doesn't take you anywhere.

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Aaron Myerly
Dorian Kernytsky
TSP Creation
Chris Sacco
Danny Garnett
Craig Cesareo

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